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Rabbi Yisroel Isaacs

Rabbi Yisroel Weiner

Rabbi Baruch Harris

HaRav Akiva Grunblatt

It is very hard to get 4th graders to work on their kriah. The kids that know how to read, think they mastered it all even though they usually can polish their shvas. The weaker kids are so frustrated by kriah, they have no desire to put in the effort into doing something that makes them feel like losers- especially since they are forced to begin from the basics that they know they should know, and don’t.

Enter “CKC”. This levels the playing field and gets everyone involved. Everyone begins at the same basic level. The weaker kids can have a chance to start over again. The better kids are eager to show off and reach the top, forcing them to review all the rules including the shva.

Add in the many individual incentives along the way that rewards each kid at their pace, and gets everyone involved. Plus there are classwide incentives that encourage teamwork and achdus as classmates help each other to qualify for the classwide raffles.

Rabbi Barth2nd and 4th grade Rebbe, PHA

My name is Sara Natanov, and I’m a former Ivrit teacher and a current Judaic Morah at Phoenix Hebrew Academy. One of the biggest struggles I have seen in my students is the ability to read Hebrew properly, especially in Lashon HaKodesh. This year Rabbi Goldenberg introduced an AMAZING program called “The Crazy Kriah Craving”! The students started with packet one and continued upwards as they passed each level. I have seen a huge improvement in the students’ reading. It is amazing to see the students’ enthusiasm in wanting to read and being able to help other students pass to the next level. I recommend this program to all the Judaic Rabbis or Morahs.

Mrs. NatanovMiddle School Judaic Teacher and Ivrit Teacher PHA

The Crazy Kriah Craving reading program has drastically improved the reading fluency for all the different types of learners in the program!

Rabbi Naphtali Zachai7th and 8th Grade Rebbe, PHA

The CKC program has been fantastic for my students this year! It was amazing to watch their excitement to practice Kriah, as they looked forward to the raffles and prizes.


CKC turned Kriah into a fun subject kids were excited to complete. It brought the students’ skills higher through measured exercises. It is truly a great program that every learning institution would be grateful to implement.

Lakie Blech M. Ed.Director of Innovation- PHA

I think that the CKC program is a great way to make the kids practice and improve their reading skills over time, I am very happy to see how my son has improved his reading skills in the last year and how much he is still enjoying being part of this great program.

Jacky NevahPHA Parent

The CKC program has been really great for our kids. Besides for giving them practice at Hebrew reading, it is great to see them excited to show their skills and really applying themselves. Thank you Rabbi Goldenberg for running this wonderful project.

Allan DaskalPHA Parent

Our family’s experience with Rabbi Goldenberg’s CKC kriah program has been incredible, especially for our two dyslexic children. This Hebrew reading program is a game-changer, thanks to Rabbi Goldenberg’s dedication. If you want a program that truly transforms your kids’ kriah ability, CKC is the way to go.”