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The CKC: The Kriah Program for YOUR School.

We’re confident about the lasting impact this program will have on your school. That’s why we would love for you to see what it’s all about.

Between fluency and accuracy, students have seen a fifty percent increase in growth.

Our goal is to make Kriah the popular thing to do.

About Rabbi Goldenberg

Rabbi Goldenberg is known for his genuine care for every individual student, combined with his upbeat and positive attitude towards each one of them.

He pays careful attention to detail in the daily running of his classroom, and effectively imparts those procedures to his students in an engaging fashion.

He has a reputation for crafting attractive lessons filled with essential Judaic skills that the students retain for years to come!!

Rabbi Goldenberg often manages to impart that knowledge without the students even realizing how much they are actually learning!!

Known for his exciting stories, humorous anecdotes, funny antics, and the high level of student centered learning in his class, he creates an atmosphere where Torah learning in his classroom is something to look forward to!

Rabbi Goldenberg got his Semicha from Rabbinical Seminary of America, and holds a master’s degree in Jewish Education from Azrieli Graduate School, a subdivision of Yeshiva University. In his spare time, he enjoys learning Torah, giving shiurim, chazanut, singing, blowing shofar, fixing things, playing instruments, exercising, and everything in between.

Rabbi Goldenberg is currently the third and fifth grade rebbe and Director of Kriah Advancement in the Phoenix Hebrew Academy, and is beginning his ninth year as a PHA staff member. He is a devoted father and husband, and he, together with his wife Aliza, are the proud parents of four beautiful children.


We’ve Got This.

Simply assign three to five minutes of nightly Kriah homework, and just fifteen minutes twice per week of chavrusa learning and the CKC program does the rest.

Let’s Do This Together


We Support You.

We equip you with the support and necessary tools to motivate your child to succeed.

We provide support videos and resources to aid your children in expanding their Kriah skills independently!

Let’s Make A Difference

How does the CKC magic work?

Learning Through Practice

Your students will learn and improve through practice and positive reinforcement, helping them build the Kriah fluency and accuracy they need to succeed.

Small Bite Sized Challenges

The CKC breaks down the Kriah assignments into 41 short challenges helping your students see their progress and feel empowered to grow.

The Support
They Need

Teachers and remediation specialists are more equipped to offer full support to students in need through real time feedback the CKC program creates.


Students are motivated to help each other succeed due to positive reinforcement, incentives, and attainable goals.


This is a journey. Data collection and analysis is used regularly to aid in measuring progress so you can adjust your schoolwide Kriah plan as needed.

Begin Strengthening the Foundation, Today.

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