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Amongst students of all grade levels


To succeed at one’s own level


For increasing Kriah proficiency


The school day is packed with essential subjects and material, which makes it difficult to set aside time to maintain the foundation of our learning. This is why the CKC program utilizes only 15 minutes of class time twice per week.

We’re Here to Help With the Transition

We’re happy to help you transition from mainstream Kriah remediation to a program with the schoolwide CKC enhancement.



Initial Discussion With Principal

We discuss the advantages of bringing the CKC program into your school and determine if the CKC program is right for your school population.



Assign a Program Coordinator

Next, we determine who will spearhead this school wide initiative. The Kriah specialist in your school is likely to be the ideal candidate along with the full fledged support of the principal.



Support & Growth

We're committed to working closely with your staff, to ensure the success of this program. We understand that things are constantly changing, and we're always ready to help you adapt to your school’s evolving needs. Our ultimate goal is to raise the bar for Kriah proficiency in your school, and we're honored to be a part of that growth.

The CKC Impact

Here is what parents and educators say about the program

Our family's experience with Rabbi Goldenberg's CKC kriah program has been incredible, especially for our two dyslexic children. This Hebrew reading program is a game-changer, thanks to Rabbi Goldenberg's dedication....

- Anonymous,

The CKC program has been really great for our kids. Besides for giving them practice at Hebrew reading, it is great to see them excited to show their skills and...

- Allan Daskal,

PHA Parent

I think that the CKC program is a great way to make the kids practice and improve their reading skills over time, I am very happy to see how my...

- Jacky Nevah,

PHA Parent

CKC turned Kriah into a fun subject kids were excited to complete. It brought the students' skills higher through measured exercises. It is truly a great program that every learning...

- Lakie Blech M. Ed.,

Director of Innovation- PHA

The CKC program has been fantastic for my students this year! It was amazing to watch their excitement to practice Kriah, as they looked forward to the raffles and prizes.

- Anonymous,

The Crazy Kriah Craving reading program has drastically improved the reading fluency for all the different types of learners in the program!

- Rabbi Naphtali Zachai,

7th and 8th Grade Rebbe, PHA

My name is Sara Natanov, and I’m a former Ivrit teacher and a current Judaic Morah at Phoenix Hebrew Academy. One of the biggest struggles I have seen in my...

- Mrs. Natanov,

Middle School Judaic Teacher and Ivrit Teacher PHA

It is very hard to get 4th graders to work on their kriah. The kids that know how to read, think they mastered it all even though they usually can...

- Rabbi Barth,

2nd and 4th grade Rebbe, PHA

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